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Yard Debris Removal: Portland, OR

Affordable Junk Removal LLC provides yard debris removal services for homeowners, landlords, landscapers, and contractors. We are locally owned and operated and are proud to serve our Portland community.

Overrun With Yard Debris? We’ve Got You Covered!

Need yard debris disposal in Portland or the surrounding areas? We’re happy to haul away big things that are unmanageable for the average homeowner. Our team can help remove:

  • Tree limbs

  • Bushes

  • Leaves

  • Old Mulch

  • Pavers

  • And more

We Take Care of Yard Debris Removal in the Portland Metro Area and Beyond

 ☑ Milwaukie

 ☑ Tualatin

 ☑ Portland

 ☑ Lake Oswego

 ☑ Happy Valley


 ☑ Fairview

 ☑ Gresham

 ☑ Troutdale

 ☑ Oregon City

 ☑ Tigard

 ☑ Hillsboro

 ☑ Clackamas

Our Process for Portland Yard Debris Removal

 ✅ Step One: Contact Affordable Junk Removal LLC

When you’ve finished your yard project and are ready for us to come collect the debris, contact us. You can call us at (503) 354-7887, or — even better — text us with a picture of your yard debris so we can give you an initial estimate on the cost to haul it away.

Our trailer holds up to four tons, so we can take pretty much anything you have to give us.

 ✅ Step Two: Get Your Estimate

We’ll look at the photo you send and create an estimate based on the amount of yard debris we see.


Please note that it can be difficult to judge the scale of yard debris from a photo, so the final amount may change once we see it in person. But we will make every attempt to give you as accurate an estimate as possible.

 ✅ Step Three: Schedule Your Yard Debris Removal 

If you’re satisfied with our estimate and would like us to remove your yard debris, contact us to schedule a time to haul it away.

Yard Debris Pick-Up

After you have scheduled your pick-up, just leave your yard debris in a designated area. Our team will arrive ready to load, haul, and dispose of your yard debris.


If your yard project is a big one and you’d like to get rid of the debris in stages, we are happy to schedule pickups at whatever intervals you decide until the job is complete.

FAQs About Our Portland Yard Debris Removal Services

Are There Any Yard Debris Items You Can’t Take?

We don’t have the ability to take huge, uncut logs or tree stumps simply because their weight makes them difficult to move.

We also don’t accept:

  • Dirt

  • Concrete

  • Brick

  • Sand; or

  • Gravel

But for the rest of your yard debris, we will take anything we can move and charge you a flat fee for it, which includes moving and dumping.

Is There a Minimum Requirement for Your Yard Debris Hauling in Portland, OR?

There is. Our minimum is $175 for a pickup truck-size removal. This minimum includes single items and loads that may be smaller than a pickup truck.

Since yard debris piles up quickly once you start your landscaping project and also tends to be bulky, most people can easily fill our smallest size.

Can You Also Help With the Process of Clearing Our Yard?

We can! While we don’t go as far as doing actual landscaping, we’re happy to help with demo work to clear out trees, bushes, etc. that you don’t want in your yard. Our rate is $175/hr for and landscaping/demo projects. Additional fees may apply for more custom jobs. 

You Said You Don’t Accept Concrete, But What About Concrete Pavers or Cinderblocks?

We can take these items, but additional fees may apply. We generally charge $75 per wheelbarrow of heavy items we take away.

Do I Need To Sort and Separate My Yard Debris?

Your yard debris can be mixed with other materials, but we prefer that you separate it if possible. This makes it easier for us to recycle the yard debris from the other items.

We work with our clients to help recycle appliances, clothing, and other items. We use these things to better serve the houseless community, victims of domestic abuse, and the environment. 

We always aim to reduce, reuse, and renew. 

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