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Portland Appliance Removal: Portland, OR

Affordable Junk Removal LLC provides appliance removal services for commercial or residential customers in the metro Portland area. We are locally owned and operated and are proud to provide for our Portland community. 

Got Appliances to Remove? We Can Help!

Need appliance removal services in Portland or the surrounding areas? Our team can help remove:

  • Refrigerators

  • Microwaves

  • Dishwashers

  • Washing machines

  • Water tanks

  • And more

We Provide Appliance Removal Services Throughout the Portland Metro Area

If you’re local to the Portland metro area, Affordable Junk Removal LLC is happy to help you remove appliances from residential or commercial buildings. Contact us today for a detailed list of our services to see how we can help.

 ☑ Milwaukie

 ☑ Tualatin

 ☑ Portland

 ☑ Lake Oswego

 ☑ Happy Valley


 ☑ Fairview

 ☑ Gresham

 ☑ Troutdale

 ☑ Oregon City

 ☑ Tigard

 ☑ Hillsboro

 ☑ Clackamas

Our Portland Appliance Removal Process

Need appliance removal service in Portland? Affordable Junk Removal LLC has a simple three-step process for helping you rid your commercial or residential building of used, unwanted, or broken appliances.

 ✅ Step One: Contact Affordable Junk Removal LLC

Whether you’re replacing old appliances for something newer, your appliances are broken, or you’re just looking to clear out some space in your home, contacting Affordable Junk Removal LLC with your appliance removal needs is the first step.

Please contact us via phone or text to get started. Don’t love making these types of phone calls? Truth be told, we prefer you send us a text that contains a picture of the appliance(s) that need to be removed. This helps us provide you with an accurate estimate and allows us to prepare exactly what we need for the job.

 ✅ Step Two: Asbestos Testing

Once we’ve connected, we’ll provide you with the necessary instructions to have your items tested for asbestos. 


Did you know that appliances both large and small like …

  • Toasters

  • Slow cookers

  • Portable heaters

  • Water heaters

  • Washing machines

  • Dryers

… can contain asbestos

Asbestos can be present in insulating materials or coil wrappings of water heaters and portable heaters or in the parts used to create the appliances, depending on how old they are and where they were made.

Portland Metro Transfer Station has very strict rules on asbestos, which can affect our ability to remove appliances from your home or commercial building.


Before we can come to take care of your Portland appliance removal, an asbestos test must be completed to ensure we’re complying with all the rules and regulations. 

 ✅ Step Three: Schedule Your Portland Appliance Removal

If your asbestos testing comes back negative — great! We can move forward with scheduling your appliance removal in Portland, Oregon.

But before you schedule, know that when you choose to work with Affordable Junk Removal LLC in Portland, you have options. 

Appliance Pick-Up

Do you have just one appliance that needs to be removed from your home? Or maybe you’re working on flipping a commercial building and have a lot of appliances that need to be taken away for your project to be completed.

Our appliance pick-up option makes getting your appliances out of your building quick and efficient.

Once we know what type of appliances and how many need to be taken away, we’ll get to work.

Note that we are unable to disconnect any appliances, so please ensure this is done beforehand. We are also unable to remove doors from buildings to fit appliances through, so we ask that you take care of this before we arrive.

If your appliances are already out of the building and on the curb, all you have to do after you schedule your pick-up is leave your junk right there. Our team brings with us the necessary tools to load, haul, and get rid of your unwanted appliances. 

If your appliances are still inside, we’ll coordinate a time so that you can be there to let us in. Our team will still bring everything we need to load, haul, and dispose of your appliances.

But we don’t stop at “getting rid” of your unwanted appliances. We work with our clients to help recycle any usable appliances. Whether they’re still in working condition or can easily be fixed, we use these items to better serve the community by donating them to Habitat for Humanity.

Reduce, reuse, and renew — that’s how we like to think of things.   

Dumpster Rentals

Maybe you need more time, or you’re a “do-it-yourself” kind of guy or gal. Affordable Junk Removal LLC offers dumpster rentals for those who want to do the dirty work themselves.

When you choose to rent one of our dumpsters, our team will drop the dumpster off on-site and you can load it as you disconnect and haul out appliances. Once you’re finished (or your time slot has been completed) our team members will come to collect the dumpster full of your unwanted appliances. 

We offer several different dumpster sizes at various prices, all depending on your needs: 

  • ¼ trailer (4 Yards)

  • ½ trailer (8 Yards)

  • ¾ trailer (11 Yards) 

  • Full trailer (15 Yards) 

Our rentals are priced per 24-hour period and are available for up to three days. 

FAQs About Appliance Removal in Portland

What Items Will Need To Be Tested For Asbestos?

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality requires that all older appliances, especially those manufactured outside the United States, be tested for asbestos.


Because no U.S. government agency tests imported appliances for the presence of asbestos, and since many smaller appliances can contain asbestos in their pieces, insulation, or coiling, they must be tested before we can haul them away.

You can find more information on which materials will need to be tested as well as any steps you need to take to perform an asbestos test on the Metro Transfer Station website.

​​Are There Any Additional Fees for Portland Appliance Removal?

Yes, there can be.

As we mentioned, we do not remove doors from buildings to remove appliances. But, for example, we will remove doors from a refrigerator if it makes it easier to haul away. There will be additional charges — $50 for fridge door removal or $25 to navigate difficult stairways — if necessary.

We are happy to discuss the potential for any additional charges and what those charges may be with you beforehand.

Are There Any Appliance You Do Not Remove?

There isn’t an appliance we won’t remove. No matter how large or small — if you need it gone, we’ll come to get it.


However, there are some exceptions to this rule, including:

  • Appliances must be tested for asbestos and be asbestos-free.

  • We do not remove appliances from basements.

  • If doors need to be removed, you must do that for liability reasons.

  • If appliances require disconnecting, we ask that you do that beforehand.

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