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Construction Junk Removal: Portland, OR

Affordable Junk Removal LLC provides construction debris removal services for contractors, remodelers, builders, and homeowners. We are locally owned and operated and are proud to provide for our Portland community. 

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(503) 354 - 7887

Got Construction Junk? We Can Help!

Need construction debris removal in Portland or the surrounding areas? Our team can help remove:

  • Wood

  • Flooring/Carpet

  • Drywall

  • Roofing materials

  • Tile 

  • And more

We Service the Following Areas

 ☑ Milwaukie

 ☑ Tualatin

 ☑ Portland

 ☑ Lake Oswego

 ☑ Happy Valley


 ☑ Fairview

 ☑ Gresham

 ☑ Troutdale

 ☑ Oregon City

 ☑ Tigard

 ☑ Hillsboro

 ☑ Clackamas

Our Construction Junk Removal Process

 ✅ Step One: Contact Affordable Junk Removal LLC

When you’re ready to get started with your construction junk removal you can contact us via phone or text. Yes, we even prefer you send us a text that contains a picture of your “junk” so that we can provide you with an accurate estimate. 

With our trailer that holds up to four tons, we’re fully prepared to get the job done for you.

 ✅ Step Two: Asbestos Testing

Once we’ve connected, we’ll provide you with the necessary instructions to have your items tested for asbestos. 



Portland Metro Transfer Station has very strict rules on asbestos which can affect our ability to remove items from your construction site. 

Before we can remove certain demo debris such as drywall or laminate, an asbestos test must be completed to ensure we’re complying with all the rules and regulations of our local dumps. Please follow this link to learn about what items need to be tested:

 ✅ Step Three: Schedule Your Construction Junk Removal

Once the asbestos test comes back negative, we can schedule your junk removal! 

When you choose to work with Affordable Junk Removal LLC in Portland, know that you have options. 

Junk Pick-Up

Construction sites typically have a lot that needs to be taken away during and after a project is complete. Our junk pick-up option makes getting all the junk off-site efficiently. 

Once we’ve learned what it is that you need to be taken away from the site, we’ll get to work. 


Please note that we are unable to remove concrete, brick, dirt, sand, or gravel from the job site. 


All you have to do after you schedule your pick-up is leave your junk in a designated area. Our team will arrive equipped with the necessary tools to load, haul, and get rid of your construction materials.

But we don’t stop at “getting rid” of your construction materials. We work with our clients to help recycle construction waste, clothes, and other items. We use these items to better serve the homeless community, victims of domestic abuse, and the environment while also serving your business. 

Reduce, reuse, and renew — that’s how we like to think of things.

FAQs About Construction Debris Removal in Portland

What Items Will Need To Be Tested For Asbestos?

The Oregon Department of Environmental Quality requires that any of the following items from 2004 and earlier are tested: 

  • Anterior walls and ceilings

  • Exterior walls

  • Flooring

  • Insulation/fireproofing materials

  • Gaskets

  • Heating

  • Roofing materials

  • Fire doors, fire/kiln brick, and fireproofing

  • Various compounds

  • Electrical materials

You can find more information on which materials will need to be tested as well as any steps you need to take to perform an asbestos test on the Metro Transfer Station website.

Do You Have a Minimum Requirement for Construction Junk Removal?

Yes, our minimum is $175 for a whole pickup truck-size removal. This minimum includes single items and loads that may be smaller than a pickup truck — though if you’re working on a construction site, this is rarely the case.

Are There Any Materials You Do Not Remove From Construction Sites?

Yes, we cannot remove concrete, brick, dirt, sand, or gravel from the job site. 

Additionally, we do not remove the following, in accordance with the Oregon Metro Transfer Station guidelines

  • Vehicles

  • Asbestos-containing material

  • Burned materials

  • Wildfire ash

  • Flat/built-up roofing

  • Loads of liquids

  • Petroleum-contaminated soil

  • Radioactive materials

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