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Storage Unit Cleanout: Portland, OR

Affordable Junk Removal LLC provides storage unit cleanout services for homeowners, business owners, landlords, storage unit company managers, and more. We are locally owned and operated and are proud to provide for our Portland community.

Have a Storage Unit Full of Junk? We Can Help!

Need storage unit cleanouts in Portland or the surrounding areas? 

Our team can help remove:

  • Boxes

  • Old furniture

  • Clothing

  • Electronics

  • Appliances

  • And more

We Provide Storage Unit Cleanout Services Throughout the Portland Metro Area

 ☑ Milwaukie

 ☑ Tualatin

 ☑ Portland

 ☑ Lake Oswego

 ☑ Happy Valley


 ☑ Fairview

 ☑ Gresham

 ☑ Troutdale

 ☑ Oregon City

 ☑ Tigard

 ☑ Hillsboro

 ☑ Clackamas

Our Storage Unit Cleanout Process

 ✅ Step One: Contact Affordable Junk Removal LLC

If you have a storage unit full of old junk that you don’t want to pay to keep around anymore and you don’t want to deal with yourself, Affordable Junk Removal LLC will be happy to complete the job for you.

You can text us a picture of the inside of your unit to get a quote for what removal will cost. If it’s hard to tell how much stuff is inside the unit because it’s so tightly packed, or if you’re in a different city now and can’t get to your storage unit, we’ll be happy to do an on-site estimate.

Don’t worry that you have too much junk for us to handle with our trailer that holds up to four tons, we’re fully prepared to get the job done for you.

 ✅ Step Two: Schedule Your Storage Unit Cleanout

If you’re satisfied with our pricing quote, Affordable Junk Removal LLC will set up a time to come clean out your storage unit. We will sort through everything, load it up in our truck,  and get it all to the appropriate places.

Since items in storage units are often still of value to someone, we donate as much as we can. We have a mission to reduce waste and help people in the Portland community who are in need. When you choose Affordable Junk Removal LLC, you help our company give back.

Anything that can’t be donated will be recycled or properly disposed of in an environmentally responsible manner.

 ✅ Step Three: Pay for Your Storage Unit Cleanout Services

You don’t even have to be present at the storage unit for our cleanout to take place. Once we are on-site, we will send you a link to pay. When payment has been made, we’ll get to work.

After the unit has been thoroughly emptied and swept clean, we’ll send you a receipt and a photo of the empty storage unit.

FAQs About Storage Unit Cleanout in Portland

Do You Have a Minimum Requirement for Storage Unit Cleanout?

Yes, our storage unit cleanout prices start at $175 for an entire pickup truck-size removal. This minimum includes single items and loads that may be smaller than a pickup truck — though if you’re having a storage unit cleaned out, chances are you will have way more than just one item to be removed.

What Is Your Pricing Like if I Have More Than a Pickup Truck’s Worth of Junk?

We also have a 15-yard dump trailer available to fill with your storage unit junk. 

We charge a flat fee based on how much of the trailer is filled by items from your storage unit:

  • ¼ Trailer (4 Yards) for $300

  • ½ Trailer (8 Yards) for $475

  • ¾ Trailer (11 Yards) for $625

  • Full Trailer (15 Yards) for $800

The flat rate fees cover items weighing up to 2,000 lbs. There is an additional fee of $175 for every additional ton.

What if I Want To Clean Out the Storage Unit Myself and Use Your Dumpster Space?

Affordable Junk Removal LLC does rent out dumpsters for people who want to take a little more time and sort through their junk themselves. But many storage unit companies don’t have the space to allow for this, so we would assess those situations on a case-by-case basis.

If you’re able to rent one of our dumpsters, our team will drop the dumpster off on-site and you can load it as you go. Once you’re finished (or your time slot has been completed), our team members will come to collect the dumpster. 

Dumpster rentals are priced per 24-hour period and are available for up to three days.

Are There Any Materials You Do Not Remove From Storage Unit Cleanouts?

Generally, people don’t store things like construction materials or other hazardous items containing asbestos, radioactive materials, et cetera in a storage unit. We may see old buckets of paint on occasion, but these are accepted at the Oregon Metro Central Transfer Station as long as they’re kept separate from other trash and recycling.

How Will Affordable Junk Removal LLC Access the Storage Unit if I Am Not On-Site?

Perhaps you no longer live in Portland, or you’re too busy to let us into the storage unit yourself. That’s no problem! Just make sure we have access to the unit.

Every storage company is different, so make sure you follow protocols for entry into your space. 

Consider the following questions:

  • Will we need a gate code to get in? 

  • Can you get us a copy of a key or a lock combination to open the unit itself?

  • Will the storage unit company make us show written permission from you to enter the unit? 

We’ll need all these details taken care of before the appointed storage unit cleanout day. Then you can relax and let Affordable Junk Removal LLC handle the rest!

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