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15 Yard Dump Trailer


We charge according to how much you fill our trailer.

Text a picture of your items & address to (503)354-7887 for an instant quote!

Pickup Truck Load/Minimum 

$175.00 up to 300 lbs

1/4 Trailer: 4 Yards 


1/2 Trailer: 8 Yards


3/4 Trailer:11 Yards


Full Trailer:15 Yards


*$75 discount for garage, driveway, and curbside pickups. (Excludes minimum and loose trash loads)
*2,000 lbs included in flat rate pricing. $175 fee per additional ton. 
*No dirt, concrete, brick, sand, or gravel

Text a picture for a quote!

(503) 354 - 7887

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