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The average American produces 1,704 pounds of garbage per year, roughly three times the global average, according to a new report by the research firm Verisk Maplecroft. I honestly thought it would be higher. With all the packaging, single use containers and leftovers gone bad each person is putting in their fair share of garbage. I've been privileged to live in areas where the community allocates its resources to reducing waste.

Part of AJR's mission is to reduce waste. Yes, that sounds counter intuitive since I make my money hauling the city's trash. But I get to use this business as a platform to impact my community with issues that are important to me. So, rest assured if I can find your items a new home I will.

Your items that no longer serve you can very easily be repurposed. For example, your bags of clothes that don't fit anymore are helping the houseless youth community because we donate clothes to youth shelters in Portland. We also donate clothes to domestic violence shelters.

Making a difference where I can!

Share you're resources for non-profits that accept donations!!

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Something important to discuss is China's decision to close its markets to recyclables. This is in large to due the contamination issue of our recycled materials. In Portland alone our recycled loads were testing at 18 to 42 times China's contamination limit which is .5 %.

(Source: Metro)

You ever wonder how much you put in your recycling bin? According to Metro's studies the average is 614 lbs. per household per year.

Just one problem. A large percentage of what Portlanders throw in their bins is actually garbage.

A result of our commingled system at least 9% up to 21% is plain ol' trash. We just are not educating ourselves on how to properly recycle. Come on Portland put your recycling where your mouth is! Keep Portland Green

Please rinse your recycling and make sure you are not putting anything in the blue bin that doesn't belong.

Here's a link for tips on how to recycle

Common misplaced items include:

If you have any tips for recycling we would love to hear about!

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